Our Mission.

HARNESS was formed to bring creative, data-driven video marketing to companies working to make the world around them a better place.

We have spent the past ten years working with businesses across twelve different industries. Our passion is to learn about you and your business and create compelling video marketing campaigns that humanize your brand. After all, people buy from people not from businesses.

People are attracted to your business because of your story and mission. Video has been proven as the superior storytelling method that builds relationships based on the familiarity principle. Allow your potential customers to form a connection to your brand through video.

Our Values.

Obstacle-free communication ensures mutual success. We are your partner. Clear communication is the foundation of that partnership.

We are upfront about all aspects of our campaigns – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Big Thought:
There are no bad ideas. We hold electric meetings as part of our creative process that results in award-winning ideas.

Stay Curious:
Humans found their way throughout history with their innate curiosity. We believe that this is essential in achieving success in any aspect of life, especially in business.

Once partnered with our clients, we are committed to reaching the same goal. There is no room for egos on this rocket ship.

We earned our chops in the independent film industry. We know how to work within a budget, build what we don’t have, and quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

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