Many of our clients approach us because they are short on bandwidth or are unsure about how to amplify growth through video marketing. We help to bring the human element to your content!

What is Video Marketing?

Our version of video marketing is getting a particular piece of content in front of a targeted audience, with the goal of moving them through your marketing funnel by taking a specific action.

51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. – HubSpot

Your online presence is the first opportunity to inspire a connection with your potential customer.  No matter which channels or media you utilize, video is often the best method to explain complex topics in a short time. 

At HARNESS, we look at your overall strategy to determine how you can utilize video to enhance your efforts. That’s the difference – we are marketers first, not just another production company.


Videos we create

What makes you uniquely suited to solve your customers' problems? We spend time with you to learn your value propositions and brand promise to develop campaigns that speak to your target customers with the right information at the right time.

Product Videos

It can be difficult to explain a product or service concisely. Wordy websites do not get read. A product video can explain the features, advantages, and benefits of your product engagingly while increasing the likelihood that your visitor will buy by as much as 64%.

Explainer Videos

This oft misused term is for videos that help to educate a customer. Knowledge is power and explainer videos empower your future clients to make educated buying decisions. Examples are how-to videos and answers common industry questions.


new customers are great, but keeping a customer is even better! Onboarding videos ensure your new customers understand everything you have to offer and can get started quickly.

Internal Training Videos

Hiring and training is an expensive process. Video can help to reduce the overall cost in the long term through reducing the staff hours required to onboard a new hire.

Testimonial Videos

Leverage the hidden power of your most valuable asset - your customers! Build trust and credibility during the Decision Stage of the sales funnel.


Give your customers the answer they are searching for. Show them how to your product and get the best value for their investment.

Promotional Videos

Convincing people to make a decision is tough. Video can help to provide a nudge to help generate leads, close sales, or increase attendance at an event.

Company Culture Videos

These have two purposes - to leat your customers know who you are and promoting your business to potential employees.

Social Videos

Facebook and Instagram have both prioritized video in their algorithms. That means you dramatically increase your chances of engaging with your customer and driving traffic to your site through social videos.