Although you may be hard-pressed to find someone unfamiliar with YouTube, that is no guarantee that the majority of people realize the value of video. If you want to know how to sell video marketing to a skeptic, you need to know the surprising statistics associated with the power of the strategy. Share the numbers, and you are sure to win over any skeptic.


The Numbers

An industry study released data this year that is incredibly compelling for the power of video marketing:

  • 1200% – That is how many more times a video is shared compared to text and image only ads.
  • 403% – Increase in inquiries for real estate listings with a video.
  • 200-300% – Ratio of growth for click-through rates in email leads featuring video.
  • 157% – Organic traffic increase to a site from search engine results when sites feature video.
  • 100% – Rate of annual video consumption rising for YouTube.
  • 92% – How many consumers share mobile videos.
  • 80% – Conversion rate increase when featuring a video on your site’s landing page.

Who’s On Board With Video?

Once you have gotten the skeptic’s attention with those phenomenal numbers, you may still have another hurdle to clear. They may not yet be convinced that their particular industry can benefit with video marketing. That is when you reveal that everyone is using video.

  • 96% – That is how many B2B organizations use video marketing campaigns.
  • 86% – That is how many institutes of higher learning have a YouTube presence.
  • 80% – Expected amount of all consumer traffic to be video traffic by 2019.

Particular to B2B video advertising:

  • 50% – How many executives prefer reviewing product or service information through video ads.
  • 65% – Of executives who view video ads, this is how many follow through with a visit to the website marketed through the video.
  • 39% – The number of executives that call a vendor after viewing their video ad.

The Effects Of Videos

The final word should always be about the audience. If nothing else gets a skeptic’s attention, revealing just how many consumers care about video should. It is time to share the data of how video ads affect the consumer experience.

  • 139% – The increase in brand association with consumers because of video ads.
  • 92% – That is how many consumers are sharing videos through mobile devices.
  • 90% – That is how many viewers use video in making a purchasing decision.
  • 80% – That is how many consumers recall a particular video watched within the last month.
  • 75% – Out of all video users, that is how many interacted with video ads.

Videos To Dollars

By now, you should have captured the skeptic’s interest. It is time to seal the deal with a recap of how all of this video marketing data can translate into revenue.

  • 144% – Increase in product purchases for e-commerce sites featuring video advertising.
  • 77% – Consumers who become convinced to buy a product or service after watching a video ad.
  • 75.5% – Number of marketers and small business owners who report a direct impact on the bottom line by video ad campaigns.
  • 73% – That is how many companies report a positive ROI on video marketing campaigns.
  • 64% – Number of video consumers who are likely to purchase a product after viewing an ad.
  • 49% – Growth rate increase annually for businesses using video marketing strategies.
  • 4.8% – Conversion rate for websites with video ads, which is nearly double the conversion rate for sites featuring no video (2.9%).

Videos That Sell

The skeptic should now be convinced and asking the question, “What are the elements of a great video ad?” The good news is that the same studies that reported these impressive numbers included that information as well:

  • 97% – The degree by which consumers’ purchase intent increases as a result of a video ad that is a pleasure to watch.
  • 80% – Number of viewers who stay engaged in video ads less than one minute long.
  • 80% – Number of viewers who click away should a video stall or take too long to load.
  • 60% – Number of consumers who stop watching a video after 2 minutes.

Moreover, if the skeptic thinks that it is impossible to convey all the wonderful things about their brand in a one minute message, you have the skill to leap that hurdle as well. According to experts, a one minute video can contain the equivalent information of about 1.8 million words.

The final question from a marketing professional to a skeptic is, “When do you want to start production?” If you are ready to get started, please contact us to get equipped with the latest tools and innovative methods to maximize the marketing potential of your video campaign strategy.