Featured Exhibitor One Wheel: Outdoor Retailer 2016


Onewheel launched on Kickstarter in January 2014, and since then they have kept rolling!

Onewheel cruises at up to 12 miles per hour, and is a board that you can take anywhere.  It's fun on the beach, mountain trails, or just cruising down the street.

Onewheel is a self balancing electronic skateboard.  It has lights to illuminate the ground while your cruising at night, and even connects to your phone to let you know the battery level.

To learn more visit Onewheel's booth at 39066.

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Featured Exhibitor So iLL: Outdoor Retailer 2016


At the intersection of Fashion, Art, and Climbing sits So iLL.  This climbing brand creates products that will grip you as much as you grip them. Daniel Chancellor created the brand 12 years ago, starting with 6 people, a bunch of product and a van.

They have come a long way since then.  With 33,000 followers and climbing on Instagram, they are a must watch for anyone with an interest in indoor climbing.

Visit So iLL's booth at 2035 to learn more.

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Featured Exhibitor Bright Path Led: Outdoor Retailer 2016


A simple idea, a powerful product.

Bright Path Led is a perimeter security lantern for camping.  Everyone who has slept in a tent knows the fear that an animal will coming scratching at the tent door in the middle of the night.  This lantern helps alleviate that fear with a motion detector system large enough to cover your entire campsite.  If anything large is moving through your camp the light will activate.

It's also great not to have to grab a flashlight when you want to go check on the kids tent.  And with recent battery tests showing the battery can last over 30 days, the reliability of this camping lantern is off the charts!

Check out Bright Path Led's booth at PV3140 to learn more.

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Featured Exhibitor Bureo: Outdoor Retailer 2016


You have never seen a skateboard like this! Is it a skateboard, a surfboard, or just a crazy hybrid  where imaginative designs meets having fun on the street?

Bureo is all about sustainability. The teams initiative 'Net Positiva', was the first fishnet collection and recycling program in Chile.  It is a beautiful partnership where fisherman get ecologically sound disposal, and Bureo receives durable raw materials that they use to create their unique boards.

The three founders Ben R. Kneppers, David M. Stover and Kevin J, funded the production of the first wave of skateboards through a highly successful Kickstarter.

Check out Buero's booth V02072 to learn more.

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Featured Exhibitor Tentsile: Outdoor Retailer 2016


Why can't a tent be a tree house?  Alex Shirley-Smith founded Tensile with a simple vision to build a portable tree house that would make people happy.  Today Tensile is rapidly expanding to make that vision a reality.

Tentsile combines everything you love about a hammock: comfort, versatility, and extreme portability with a huge increase in security and sleeping capacity for up to 8 people.  By lifting your tent off the ground you will not be affected by wet, rocky or frigid surfaces.  It's not just fun and comfortable, you can also pack lighter and leave the bulky cushions and air mattresses that are used to make hard surfaces palatable.

Check out Tentsile's booth PV3005 to learn more.
Featured Image By Linked Ring Photography

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Content Creator & Editorial Manager

Content Creator & Editorial Manager

HARNESS is a full-service digital marketing agency with a unique focus on the inbound marketing methodology combined with video marketing. More specifically, we create captivating content to engage our clients' current and future customers while also managing client marketing channels.

We are hiring an editorial manager to refine and advance our editorial vision and mission to help plan, produce, and analyze the written content we create. This role will help build our editorial calendar and written guidelines, as well as determine sources for content both internally and externally. The candidate may also be asked to create a network of freelancers and go-to influencers in our industry, format our content, and line edit.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Build our editorial calendar and written guidelines.
  • Determine sources for content creation, both internally and externally.
  • Serve as an exemplary writer, consistent with our company’s tone and mission. You write clean, concise, well-polished copy.
  • Edit content produced by your teammates, including conceptualizing the projects upfront and copy-editing prior to publishing.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and customer challenges in order to build a more effective editorial calendar.


  • BA/BS in a writing related discipline or marketing
  • Experience managing an editorial calendar for a media publication or marketing team
  • Proficient in Content Management Systems (CMS) and its content scheduling, publishing, and optimization features.
  • Proficient in Social Media Management System (Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social or any similar system) for composing, scheduling, and maintaining social posts.
  • Excellent attention to detail both for line editing copy and consistency in style and tone across our content.