The Best Gym Ads

In our work creating gym marketing campaigns for our clients, we have been crawling the web looking for the absolute best ads ever produced for fitness centers. We are really proud of the list we have come up with, and were honestly shocked at some of the not-so-successful (read: bad) gym ads we encountered. These ads represent the best of the best in terms of visual design, emotional appeal, market positioning and humor.


Company:  Ascent Protein

Agency: TDA Boulder

We love this ad because it doesn’t hit you over the head with its message.  It’s a very clever way to connect with the pride gym goers have in waking up early.

Great Gym Ad

Company:  Gold’s Gym

Agency: Taejun Park: School of Visual Arts

This ad is not only incredibly visually clever, but it is more impressive because it was made by students!  The creativity they displayed has to be contrasted with some of the cringe worthy Gold Gym ads in the worst ads section.  Maybe Gold’s should stick to hiring students.

Great Yoga Ad

Company:  Yo BK Yoga Studio

Agency: J. Walter Thompson New York

The idea of fat melting away to reveal a new person underneath is not a new one.  But combined with an excellent illustrator and a great Yoga pose it certainly feels like one.

Gym ads

Company:  Equinox

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy New York

I have to admit that I don’t understand every ad in this “Commitment” series.  But they are all undoubtably visually striking and very hard to forget.  Some of the ads are a little risqué so check them out at your own discretion.

Olympia Gym Ad

Company:  Olympia Gym

Agency: Rediffusion Dyr

If this ad is depressing you, wait until you see the rest of this series.  While these ads might not be “fun”, they are certainly some of the most emotionally powerful advertisements that we came across.

fat batman

Company:  Power House Health Club

Agency: Euro Rscg Delhi

While I’m not sure these Gym ads don’t have some question marks regarding intellectual property, its undeniable that they provoke an instant reaction.   Its not all about surprise with these ads however, as they are funny and tell a story that might resonate with many people about reality vs expectations.  For a certain psychological profile I feel these ads could be highly motivating and funny.  The rest of the ads in the series are just as good. (Fat Superman) (Fat Spiderman)

Gym Ad Enviroment

Company:  Power House Gym

Agency: Savannah College of Art & Design

The genius behind this ad is the carefully placed interaction with the outside environment.  This is extremely difficult to do, and when this technique is attempted it almost never comes out this well.

Funny Pole Fitness Ad

Company:  Pole Dance Studio

Agency: Unknown

This ad is hilarious, but appropriate in so many ways.  Making an ad that works on a pole cannot have been an easy challenge, and it is awesome that they were able to communicate effectively and then ad the joke.