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The digital marketing funnel infographic: winning new customers with marketing strategies

Inbound Marketing

Top of The Funnel

Introducing new prospects to the top of your funnel may include several methods, all of which are unintrusive but welcoming. It isn’t about chasing after leads, but rather inviting those who are intrigued by your content. For example, your gym produces a video about bouldering that your site visitors who have never bouldered find interesting. They notice that bouldering is based on balance and strength, that you have a spotter close by and a thick crash pad for safety. They have considered trying climbing off and on, and by watching your video, they are highly intrigued and are interested to know more about bouldering.

After watching your video, they go to your website and fall into the top of your marketing funnel (Awareness). This video helps your prospects get to know more about climbing, and how being a part of it may support them to find a solution to a problem, or help them in a particular need such as needing a new form of exercise. These ‘learners’ at the top of your funnel represent 85% of your website visitors.

Middle of the funnel

About 10% of your site visitors come back as ‘shoppers’ to scout and learn more about your gym. While they are browsing, they find an article regarding climbing harnesses and shoes. This post goes over not only the thrill of the climb but important aspects of safety such as inspecting your harness. They become more curious and take a look at testimonials from your customers, the cost involved, the benefits, training, and everything a novice needs to learn.

Since they are close to reaching a decision, it is time to ensure that your social media portion of your marketing strategy is fully engaged. Instagram is mainly geared toward small business and will benefit your marketing. In fact, Small Business Trends posted an article stating 50% of Fortune 500 companies use Instagram for marketing. The article includes great information about the best times and days to post in order to secure the highest engagement from your audience.

Bottom Panel

The bottom portion of your funnel is about 5% of your website’s inbound marketing traffic. These are the ‘buyers’ who need a summary to reinforce all the benefits of becoming a member. This may be a time to offer a new member promotion, or a free trial. By introducing them to the sport and by giving a brief introduction on the basics of footwork, different types of holds, and climbing with straight arms, you are able to build new climbers who are far more likely to make climbing a lifestyle

Your climbing gym is on the rise. Through inbound marketing tools such as videos, blogging, and social media, you will have great success in building your foundation in regular memberships, newcomers, and investigators.

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