Content Marketing integrates very well with Social Media marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Here is what you need to do before you start creating content:

Identify Your Audience

To do that, you have to:

  • Select your niche: This is a particular group of people who are interested in the topic you write about.
  • Refine your niche – for example, “fitness enthusiasts” is a niche, but it is relatively broad. “Mountain sports enthusiasts” is a more targeted niche and would make a more precise target.
  • Dig down! Micro-niche is a subset of your chosen niche. For example, “Sports climbers” or “ice climbers” are micro-niches in the “mountain sports enthusiasts” niche.

Conduct Research

That being said, you need to spend a good amount of time to get an idea of what the trending topics are.  Platforms such as Buzzsumo, Reddit, Feedly are excellent resources to gain insight of what’s trending in today’s market.

Decide On Your Content

What do you think your customers will be more interested in – a blog post, videos, podcasts, newsletter, reports, white papers, tutorials, infographics?   Different types of content work better on certain platforms versus others.  For example, if you decide to create a video, you have to keep your distribution method in mind.  Each platform has specific requirements technically, aesthetically, and within the expectations of your viewer.

Your prospects will consume media in any method THEY choose.

Just because you choose to utilize a white paper does not mean that your particular prospect engages with that type of content.  You must be sure to cater to all types of content consumption across all platforms.

Strategize, execute, manage, and analyze your content.

Timing is everything in today’s digital market, and optimal sharing time is different from one channel to the other.  The only way to perfect your content sharing timing is to analyze your social media data and find out when your audience is most engaged.