Understanding why others climb is vital for new climbers.

"Whether you are 5 or 50, climbing is instinctual and you are going to have a great time."

Are you ready to try something new? We have all been there at one time. Most people need a little push to step out of their comfort zone. This is especially true when talking to new climbers. You have successfully captured the attention of a future customer, so speak to them as you would a friend who you are taking out climbing for the first time. This is the goal of this video for the awareness stage of the sales funnel.

Customers stories reduce fear and create excitement.

“People are just nicer here[than traditional gyms], it's a community.”

This video highlights the customer experience for some of some our newest climbers.  We want the customer to know that all different types of people come to the gym, and they come for different reasons.  For some customers it is fitness oriented goals but for others it is just fun.

Most importantly not all of our customers are hardcore outdoor rock climbing enthusiasts.  This type of video can get a potential customer excited about the type of people they will meet in the gym and how it will feel to be a part of our community.